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Pictures from the Gold & Silver Charity Tournament June 25th at Graffiti Junction

Another fun fundraiser for Hearrt4Homeless Inc. was held on June 25th at Graffiti Junction, and one more time we were able to gather a good amount of players. People started showing up 20 minutes before registration, we had a lot of our "loyal players", but also many new faces. Thank you all for coming, both players and volunteers, including the dealers from High Stacks, and Grafitti Junction who gave us restaurant for this purpose and made sure we all got fed!


Here are the names of the winners!


1. Harry Lu

2. Robert Prake

3. Sean O Donnell

4. Gabriel Wajner

5. Andrew Teffeau

6. Lorna Vasquez

7. Jody Cvek

8. Jami Cvek

9. Ryan Norton

10. Brian Alencar

11. Jayme Becerra

12. Manny Motta

13. Steve

14. Natalie Cantin

15. Daniel Noble

16. Joe Foster

17. Karen Hedegaard

18. Christian Hedegaard

19. Tracy Rack

20. P. Serrano


The game at the final table went on till after 10 pm on the tournament day. Here are the Top 3 winners.. 1. Harry Lu (middle), 2. Robert Prake (right) and 3. Sean O Donnel (left).

The Final Table at the charity tournament March 12th in Clermont.


Thank you all for playing your part!

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