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Pictures from Texas Hold'em Charity Tournament March 12th which was a joint venture between The Central Florida Hope Center and Heart4Homeless.

Former NFL player Chris Johnson played his part at the our last tournament March 12th in Clermont. 110 players came to play, and together they made a profit of 12,000 dollars which now will be equally divided between the two benefactors,  The Central Florida Hope Center, and Heart 4 Homeless Inc.

Thank you all for coming, both players and volunteers, including the dealers from High Stacks, and the kitchen crew who made sure we all got fed!


Here are the names of the winners!


1. Manuel Motta

2. Christian Hedegaard

3. TJ Morton

4. Jody Cevek

5. Romeo Casanova

6. Sean O”Donnell

7. Dan Parsons

8. Gabriel Warner

9. Bill Kennedy

10. Leslie Urban

11. Allan Culla

12. Eric Heitner

13. Julie Kellam

14. Mark Jarrett

15. Karen Hedegaard

16 Scott Todd

17. Kathy Mead

18. Cory Shields

19. Brandyn Dew

20. Johnny Soto


Thank you all for playing your part!

The Final Table at the charity tournament March 12th in Clermont.

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