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9582 dollars raised for Heart4Homeless

Heart4Homeless receives generous check of 7050 dollars from the South Lake Moose Lodge.

120 players showed up at Poker With Purpose at the South Lake Moose Lodge in Clermont on August 28th. The facility was packed to max capacity and everybody played their part. This week we received a check of 7050 dollars from the Moose Lodge fundraiser, which gave us a total profit of 9582 dollars to be used to expand our food distribution in the Clermont area, as we are looking to buy a refrigerated truck.

Thank you to our hosts, James and Stephanie Thornton from the South Lake Moose Lodge, and thank you all for playing your part, we hope to see you next time at the Gold Bar Tournament on Day's Inn & Suites, where we are working together with a new team of dealers from High Stax Poker.


We also want to congratulate the winners of the poker tournament.

1. William Louche (AR15 plus 1000 dollars cash)

2. Connie Serafin (Glock43 plus 750 dollars cash)

3. Hewerley Garcia (300 dollars cash)

All players that made it to the final table received a 100 dollars entry tickets for the Gold Bar Tournament on November 13th.

Congratulations to the raffle winners as well!

1. Red Raffle. Eric Carter, Springfield Range Officer

2. Blue Raffle, James Lehman, Springfield Hellcat 9 mm

3. 500 dollar Money Tree Raffle, Kristina Widup.

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