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110 players came together and raised  11.825 dollars for Heart4Homeless.

Thank you all for playing at the Heart4Homeless fundraiser on November 13th at the Hope Center in Clermont. 110 players signed up for the tournament, and after 9 PM we were able to announce the winner of the main GOLD PRIZE.

Here are the winners of the main gold prizes, 3x1 oz gold coins, 1 oz gold coin and 1/2 oz gold coin.

1. Gabriel Wajner

2. Brandon Carter

3. Millie Land.

The final table, seat 4-10, all received a 1/10 oz gold coin.

 4. Eric Heitner

 5. Ryan Dsouza

 6. Amber Harrelson

 7. David Chang

 8. Jerry Hamilton

 9. Dan Parsons

10.Roger Ingram

Seats 10-20 will receive a free entry for our next tournament, plus they had the option to chose between artwork, holsters and Starbucks coffee.

10. Bobby Crain

11. Christie Welmers

12. Kimberly Capriotti Tymrex

13. Gary H Bates

14. Leslie Urban

15. Steve Fortiar

16. Tom Gretton

17. Eric Carter

18. Manuel Matts

19. Bob Bridger

20 George Mead

We also want to thank The Hope Center for letting us use their facility, High Stak Poker for setting up the game and the local sponsors:

A Pawn USA, PI Force, Paint With A Twist, The Blu, Oakland Pet Care, Brookside Church, First American Fireworks, Legends Bar & Grill, Gaard Media, Powerhouse Church.

Together we raised 11.825 dollars for Heart 4 Homeless food distribution to the local community.


The winner of the poker tournament Gabriel Wajner (middle), flanked by Brandon Carter (left) and Millie Land (right).

The winner of the Great Gold Tournament Gabriel Wajner (middle) flanked by Brandon Carter (left) and Millie Land (right). 


The final table 11.13.21

Slideshow, winners 

Winners of the lottery, guns, art and 50/50

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