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Pictures from the Charity Tornament October 1st at the South Lake Moose Lodge.

Another fun fundraiser for Hearrt4Homeless Inc. was held on October 1st at The South Lake Moose Lodge in Clermont, and one more time we were able to gather a good amount of people. 56 players and a total of 96 entries, many of our regulars, but also new faces. Thank you all for coming, both players and volunteers, including the kitchen team who made sure we did not go hungry during the day. Also a big thank you to the dealers from No Limit, and The South Lake Moose Lodge who was willing to host our event.


Here are the names of the winners!


1. Kimberly Tymorek

2. Brian Alencar

3. Tim Zittel

4. Richard Seraphim

5. Hong Liu

6. Natasha Shane

7. Romeo Casanova

8. Jim Matysik

9. Steve Pring

10. Logan O Leary

11. Harry Lou

12. Vish Baldeo

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