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Pictures from our Christmas Xtravaganza on December 11th. A smaller and more exclusive tournament with great prizes and a delicious dinner.

Heavy gold and silver bars to the winners, plus lots of shiny silver coins as bounties, made our December fundraiser a special event for those who went to play at Poker With Purpose Christmas Xtravaganza at the Hope Center in Clermont. The set up was exclusive, with a Sicilian chef preparing an Xtravagant buffet, and a professionel poker player, Cory Waaland, as a special guest. Thank you all for coming, both players and volunteers who did a great job in the kitchen and on the floor!

Here are the names of the winners!

1. Cory Waaland.

2. Josh Hanson.

3. Christian Hedegaard.

4. Dan Parson.

5. Richard Serafim.

6. David Lamb.

7. George M.

8. Jody Cvek.

9. Romeo Casanova.

10. David Tanguay.

More photos from the Christmas Xtravaganza, check out this gallery!


Thank you all for playing your part!

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